Floral Ornament One

Floral Ornament 1


NEW—Delicate floral design for any occasion. Based on classic architectural ornaments.

ITEM: 12 pcs  x  2.5" edible rounds edible cupcake/cookie toppers
PRICE: $15.95 for first sheet, $12.95 for additional sheets
COLOR: Red, pink, grey, white
SHEET SIZE: 8.25" (w) x 11.25" (h)
STICKERS PER PKG: 6 each of 2 designs
PACKAGING/DIMENSIONS: clear poly bag, 9" (w) x 12" (h)
WEIGHT: 1.5 oz

•    Twelve edible 2.5” rounds for cupcakes, cookies, brownies, macarons and other soft-frosted desserts 
•    Gluten and allergy free, vegan
•    Applies to buttercream and cream cheese frosting, ganache, store-bought frosting, fondant, or royal icing 
•    Simple peel & press application 
•    No refrigeration required before application 
•    Ticings merge with your soft frosting 30+ minutes when properly applied
•    See FAQs for nutritional information, ingredients and other details
•    Shipping within the Continental U.S. via USPS, or by Fedex to other select countries   

•    Available for wholesale/foodservice—please inquire for pricing and catalog
•    No returns on food items

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